1000mg of Lysine can be taken daily for 7 days prior to lip blush appointment.

Oral prescription medication for cold sores if you are a carrier of the virus. Medication is to be started on the day of treatment.

Limit caffeine in take 24 hours prior to appointment.

No alcohol consumption 24 hours prior to appointment.

Drink plenty of water everyday to help lips stay hydrated.

Avoid Advil/Asprin/omegas the day of, prior to appointment.

Exfoliate lips everyday starting 7 days prior to appointment to minimize any dead tissue. Moisturize lips frequently starting 7 days prior to your appointment preventing chapping and dryness.

Lip fillers/botox lip fills can be done 1 month prior or post procedure. We recommend prior.

Tanning before and after the appointment can affect healed results.

Chemical peels/microneedling laser treatments etc should be scheduled no earlier than 3 weeks prior or post treatment.

Don’t plan an event or vacation until your lips are at least surface healed.

Eat before your appointment to regulate blood sugar levels.