Stop struggling with the extra time and effort required to apply and re-apply your makeup each day… Plus, get that look you really desire, performed by a trained professional.

Traditional permanent makeup (also known as PMU, or permanent cosmetics), is done by a machine, and is completely safe. It is most often applied to the eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.

To schedule an in person consultation you may book online by hitting any book now button which will direct you to my square site to book. I do require a $25 fee for an in person consultation and the cost will be applied to your future brow appointment. In person consultations are 15 min and will discuss your brow goals, questions, and concerns. Virtual appointments are free please contact me through email or text to set up a virtual call.

For wedding party details, scheduling and questions please contact me through email at I look forward to hearing from you and being part of your special day!

Before booking please read my disclaimers page. Please note before booking your appointment after your permanent makeup service there is no sweating, swimming, or sun for 7 days following your appointment. If you have a vacation or special event please schedule at least two weeks before or wait at least two weeks after your finishing touch up session. Aftercare instructions will be provided and aftercare. Brows will heal 30-40% lighter. There is no Motrin, Alcohol, or caffeine before appointment. Skin conditions , medications please check with your dr to approve before your service. No guests or children are allowed at your appointment. If you have had previous permanent makeup you must email me a photo of your brows before hand to approve service.

* All pricing is subject to change without notice


Permanent makeup (PMU) is the process by which sterile hypoallergenic cosmetic pigments are placed into the dermal layer of the skin using single-use, individual, disposable, sterile needles. PMU is not the same process as with conventional tattoos. Unlike with such tattoos, PMU pigments fade over time. That’s because we use different pigments for the face, rather than carbon ink. The reason it’s called “permanent” is that, even though it fades, particals remain in the skin. The areas to be treated are numbed using approved topical anesthetics to make your experience a comfortable and pleasant one.

Yes and no. I use only the best quality products and pigments, and they will soften in color over time – typically 1-5 years. Even as PMU fades and becomes less visible, there will always be particles in the skin that remain. As with anti-aging creams, tanning beds, etc., results from permanent makeup do not last forever. It’s recommended to get color boosts annually, to freshen up and maintain the natural look of your PMU.

PMU is an art, not a science. Clients’ results vary, and using a pencil or powder for touch ups may still be needed If you get hair strokes only. We have no control over your body’s healing process; and each time you have a procedure done, there will be less retention of your pigment due to scar tissue.

This varies from person to person. With proper topical anesthetic and numbing, swelling will be very minimal and typically there is no bleeding that results from my procedures. I provide each client with Ointment for aftercare along with written instructions. The treated area will begin to soften and lighten up within 3-30 days, and it’s recommended you schedule your touch-up appointment any time from 6-12 months following your last procedure, then every 2 years for a color boost.

This is when a specialist implants pigment into the skin in hair-like strokes, giving the appearance of hair. The approach is becoming more common and popular in the industry. Keep in mind that this technique will require color boosts every 2 years to maintain your PMU’s natural appearance, as the hair strokes with time will fade, blur, or look more powdered. The aging of your skin and tissue will affect the appearance of your PMU, regardless of the procedure, especially as the pigment ages. Eyebrows will eventually look more powdered, no matter what; so, this is why refreshment will always be needed.